GNTV should have had regional news

With the ABS-CBN Regional Channel still in its infancy, let’s take a look back at the time when GMA News TV should have had the opportunity to expose its regional newscasts to a larger nationwide audience.

In early 2014, GNTV began hinting that its four primary regional newscasts (Balitang Amianan, Ratsada, Balitang Bisdak, and Testigo) would be aired on the morning slots albeit on a one-day delayed basis, bur in a surprising turn of events, it never had the chance to get off the ground, and since GNTV began filling its morning block with old action movies and reruns of GMA or QTV-produced programs (it did begin to air on its international edition, though). As for the Regional TV infrastructure, due to budget cuts and efforts to remain in the black, regional news became a less of a priority.

The point here is, GMA should have had seized the moment when it had the opportunity and had set its priorities straight. If GMA had prioritized the enhancement of its news-gathering capabilities (with their Serbisyong Totoo brand recognizable across the country) and building up GNTV as a strong news channel they wouldn’t be in such a mess like this.

But with the present doldrums hounding the network, we can only hope that a new investor and a new set of competent executives will help turn their futures around.


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