GMA needs rehab (#NumberOnePaMore)

Towards the end of the previous year I promised that I will make a piece on the present state of GMA Network, with their incessant claims to leadership despite the opposite. (Only in Mega Manila. You have a major problem in the provinces. Di kami may sabi nyan.)

(Please lang GMA, tigilan niyo ito.)

Ralph Domingo’s From the Tube did his piece already with the major points perfectly elaborated (labor issues, retrechments, the reluctance to invest on talent and digital broadcasts, et al.) I will just have to add mine.

There are only two things that can substantiate their claims. One is their clear signal thanks to the Tower of Power, and second is its news department which by far has received many accolades (that said even in news they have problems. Saan ka ba naman kasi nakakita ng news channel na may Koreanovela at pelikuka, diba?).

There is also this unforgivable practice of converting their programs to standard definition despite the use of high-definition cameras. Ang panget kaya tignan. We’re in the age of transition at napapag-iwanan kayo!

No livestream, no focus on DTT, cringeworthy concepts, worst of all, GMA boasts of the worst fantards. Inggit? Di niyo lang kasi tanggap ang totoo. 

What needs to be done here? GMA has to sell NOW. Try to renegotiate with Globe, Ramon Ang, enter into a strategic partnership with SM, Solar, or APT.

Or just maybe..

GMA’s stocks are sold for just around P6 per share. Bili kaya ako ng stocks? Malay niyo naman. Hehe

I rest my case. Soundtrip muna.

UPDATE (10-23-18): Hindi pa kayo marunong mag-ingat ng artista. Tignan niyo, nawala na si Regine.


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