The People’s Broadcasting Corporation under the Duterte administration

(Excerpt from the State of the Nation Address. Credits: Presidential Communications) One of the key points of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) is the creation of a new public broadcasting company which shall adhere to, among other things, modern international standards, and a truly independent broadcasting network. We have discussedContinue reading “The People’s Broadcasting Corporation under the Duterte administration”

The lack of regional presence among our national broadcasters

Our major television broadcasters are known for their wide reach influence, that their programs are seen throughout the country via relay stations or satellite transmissions, their programs gets the large chunk of audience shares and advertising revenue, but there is one noticeable problem, that is the lack of presence in the regions as mostly all programsContinue reading “The lack of regional presence among our national broadcasters”

Nice Attacks: My Take (in 150 words)

(Photo credit: BBC)  I know it’s a bit late to talk about this but let me share you my thoughts. And before we start, condolences with the families who died in the attack, and solidarity with the French. It seems to be while everybody was celebrating Bastille Day (the celebration of the Storming of theContinue reading “Nice Attacks: My Take (in 150 words)”

Coup in Turkey: My Take (in 150 words)

(Photo credit: CNN) Judging from what we see right now, it seems that the attempt to overthrow Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has failed. In an observation of the developments, it appears that the coup was poorly planned, as evidenced by the short takeovers of state broadcaster TRT and the Turkish affiliate of CNN. TheyContinue reading “Coup in Turkey: My Take (in 150 words)”

#CHexit: Ano na ngayon ang gagawin natin?

Kahapon, July 12, ay nailabas na ng Permanent Court of Arbitration ang ruling nito na kung saan ay pinanigan nito ang Pilipinas, na siyang malinaw na indikasyon na walang legal na basehan ang 9-dash line ng China. Pero matapos mailabas ang ruling na ito ay iginiit ng China na hindi nila susundin ang desisyong itoContinue reading “#CHexit: Ano na ngayon ang gagawin natin?”