PNR North Long Haul should also be considered

With recent government projects expanding the railway system currently in the pipeline, such as the North-South Commuter Railway, MRT 7, the Metro Manila Subway, the PNR South Long Haul, the Mindanao Railway, and the potential restoration of the Panay Railways and Cebu Railways as mentioned in the first state of the nation address of PresidentContinue reading “PNR North Long Haul should also be considered”

Suggested two additional rail lines in Metro Manila

On this post, I am going to share with you two proposed additional railway lines in Metro Manila. I came up with this idea given my experiences in traversing the said routes. MRT 11: On this proposed line, it will traverse the C-3 road, and then to Sta. Mesa, and to OsmeƱa Highway all theContinue reading “Suggested two additional rail lines in Metro Manila”

Why The Open Forum exists

In late March 2022, me and a group of like-minded friends decided to form a new group dedicated to the discussion of political issues facing the Philippines, as well as tackle international events with a Filipino perspective. We have also decided not to structure ourselves into a formal movement given the burden of formalizing things,Continue reading “Why The Open Forum exists”

Fact check na nga lang, sablay pa!

Noong 108th anniversary ng Iglesia ni Cristo, kaalinsabay ng 50th anniversary mula nang magkaroon ng presensya ang Iglesia sa Canada, inilawan ang Niagara Falls bilang paggunita sa okasyong ito. Ito ay nakuhanan ng mga kapatid sa Iglesia na nasa Canada. Pero ang mga bonak sa Rappler ay nagawa pang i-“fact-check” at inangkin na hindi dawContinue reading “Fact check na nga lang, sablay pa!”

After COVID-19, we need a better system

Our government’s response in handling the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the inefficiencies of our current system. Why? Under the unitary system, the national government sets rules and guidelines while the local government units cannot independently act on their own and are being micromanaged from the top levels of leadership despite the fact that these local governmentsContinue reading “After COVID-19, we need a better system”

High definition broadcast on digital free TV

We are five years shy of meeting the analog shutdown deadline, which means by that time a majority of the Philippine TV market would have migrated to digital terrestrial TV. While we’re at it (that is the transition stage), we will see how our television networks are faring in terms of delivering content. As mostContinue reading “High definition broadcast on digital free TV”

ABS-CBN updates its digital lineup, adds new channels

Come July 30, ABS-CBN will unveil new digital channels. Movie Central, Asianovela Channel, Jeepney TV, Myx, and O Shopping will be available via UHF 16 in Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and parts of Pampanga and UHF 36 in Metro Cebu. This is seen as a response to Solar’s recent moves to make aContinue reading “ABS-CBN updates its digital lineup, adds new channels”