Why The Open Forum exists

In late March 2022, me and a group of like-minded friends decided to form a new group dedicated to the discussion of political issues facing the Philippines, as well as tackle international events with a Filipino perspective.

We have also decided not to structure ourselves into a formal movement given the burden of formalizing things, especially since we are also busy with our real-world lives.

Even if we belong to diverse backgrounds and espouse diverse ideologies, we have arrived at a common goal of ensuring the following:

  • A model of evolving federalism that reflects the country’s ethnic diversity and the need to devolve powers and competencies to the regions;
  • A more proportional electoral system that enables democratic participation;
  • An open and vibrant economy that allows equal participation of small businesses, local industrialists, and foreign direct investors;
  • A parliamentary system to clip the powers of the President and to enable open debate and foster coalition-building;
  • A holistic education system;
  • and a responsive, just, and fair judicial system.

We also aim to be a home for those rendered politically homeless by the prevailing political polarization. We want to promote open discussion and consensus-building with people in order to find common ground with people who may otherwise disagree with us on other issues but are willing to agree on a shared ideal.

If you want to be a part of this vision, you can join us here:



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