To those visiting my page, whether in the Philippines or around the world, I’d like to express gratitude for stopping by over this blog. What you have seen are my opinions and my views on current events. What you will see here are my personal convictions which form as basis for my opinions and how I ought policy is executed.

With the ever-increasing toxicity of the political discourse from both sides of the political spectrum, you have two choices: shut up or speak up. I have chosen to test waters and see how far I’ll go.

During my spare time, I play Democracy 3 developed by Positech. This has largely helped further shape my political views. I have always considered myself to be of the left and it has largely reinforced that view. Here’s what I have done (and basis on my principles on how government should be run):

  • Heavy government spending at the same time accumulating huge government reserves through heavy taxation
  • Reliance on community policing and an unarmed police force. In the short term crime rates went up but subsequently went down
  • Heavy spending on rehabilitating criminals to avoid overcrowding cells and giving them a new chance in life
  • Providing legal aid
  • The judicial system relying on the jury
  • Heavy infrastructure spending (roads)
  • A strong military force
  • A lax migration policy but implementing measures to stem the tide if necessary (strengthening border controls and instituting citizenship tests)
  • Heavy welfare spending (food stamps, free eye tests)
  • Heavy spending on state schools and state hospitals at the same time providing vouchers
  • University grants for all (free college)
  • A 40% income tax and 40% flat income tax (which will be adjusted over time so as not to put burdens on citizens)
  • Heavy spending on public transportation (rail, monorail, buses)
  • Promotion of clean energy
  • Supporting rural development, agriculture development as well as organic farming, and small businesses
  • Heavy spending on pensions
  • Building mass public housing
  • Heavy pollution controls
  • and so much more.

This formula I have done as propelled the countries I run on the game (like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Australia) to high levels of development. It’s quite saddening that only these countries are included in the game but nevertheless has helped me in shaping views on how the Philippines (and other countries as well) should be run.

In an era of where populism is on the rise, we’re uncertain on whatever path we’re about to take. But with a dash of optimism, let’s just take it as an opportunity where we will be able to change the world for the betterment of us all.