Thoughts on PTV News’ shakeup

Last June 28, PTV decided to update its on-air identity, reflecting a renewed thrust as a public service station following in the footsteps of foreign counterparts BBC, NHK, CGTN, among others.  Days later, Kathy San Gabriel and other staff were abruptly dismissed from the network and was never given the chance to bid farewell on-air.Continue reading “Thoughts on PTV News’ shakeup”

PTV’s digitization efforts and FM2 Philippines, Chavit eyes IBC 13

Three major developments on the state-owned media entities have emerged recently. After the inking of a deal with NEC Philippines, it has been reported PTV will roll out its digital television transmissions in Metro Manila (which will be improved), as well as in Baguio, Naga, Guimaras, Cebu, and Davao. It is a major step towardsContinue reading “PTV’s digitization efforts and FM2 Philippines, Chavit eyes IBC 13”

The People’s Broadcasting Corporation under the Duterte administration

(Excerpt from the State of the Nation Address. Credits: Presidential Communications) One of the key points of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) is the creation of a new public broadcasting company which shall adhere to, among other things, modern international standards, and a truly independent broadcasting network. We have discussedContinue reading “The People’s Broadcasting Corporation under the Duterte administration”

Finally! Pinansin na rin ang state media!

Pagkatapos umani ng iba’t ibang reaksyon ang mga komento ni President-elect Rodrigo Duterte ukol sa mga media killings noong May 31, 2016, na maging mitsa para manawagan ng boycott ang international organization na Reporters Without Borders sa PH media (na hindi sinunod ng KBP at NUJP), minabuti na lamang niya na idaan na lamang saContinue reading “Finally! Pinansin na rin ang state media!”