We’re back

After two years of hiatus, because of busy schedules and also a lack of suitable topics to tackle because of the increasingly toxic political narratives from all sides of the isle, I have decided to reactivate my blog.

Besides that I want to make use of my time while we are all on quarantine, I would like to dedicate this blog for the 100% support of the constitutional reform movement as it will bring tangible long-term benefits to the Filipino people. Because of the present structure of governance, we are ignorant on world affairs and the world is ignorant on our affairs.

I will, from time to time, also discuss about random musings, crowd-sourced topics, as well as developments in the Philippine media industry, as well as local and international politics from the view of how the Filipino should see the world.

Inaasahan po namin ang inyong patuloy na suporta. Daghang salamat kaayo kag halong permi!


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