Regional television in the Phillippines

In a television industry dominated by Manila-based giants with much of their programming seen across the country and much of their relay stations owned by the networks themselves, regional players may be unfamiliar to most of us. But these broadcasters play a huge part in providing news and entertainment to their respective localities and reflects the diversity of our nation. We’ll take a look at the most prominent examples of regional-based broadcasters in the Philippines.

Central Luzon Television (CLTV 36)

CLTV 36 or Central Luzon Television was established in the year 2007 and has since become the largest, if not among the largest, regional television networks in the country. Based in Pampanga, its coverage area and programming targets much of the Central Luzon region. Its signals can also be seen in some areas of Metro Manila and even Cavite albeit on a low signal. It airs news, public affairs, infotainment, and some entertainment programs. It is also seen on Cignal Digital TV.

NE TV 48

NE TV 48 is a television station based in Nueva Ecija. NE TV is also similar in format to the other local stations and we hope NE TV has the resources to expand in DTT.

ConAmor Broadcasting’s Brodkast Southern Luzon

For Southern Luzon, there is Brodkast Channel 6, based in Lucena. It lacks the social media presence and we don’t know much about the station and its offerings, but from what we know from their very limited social media presence they simulcast programs heard from their radio stations DWTI and Kiss FM. The station’s parent company is owned by a local politician. We don’t know whether they’ll be able to shift to DTV given their very limited presence, let alone sustain operations.

Bandera News TV

Bandera News TV is a relatively new player based in Palawan. With a teleradyo concept it is expected they could expand to DTT.

PBN Bicol

PBN Bicol operates TV stations in Naga and Legazpi, but is primarily affiliated with TV5. It remains to be seen whether they will have the resources to expand to the digital TV sphere.

Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN 47)

Cebu Catholic Television Network or CCTN is the Catholic television station run by the Archdiocese of Cebu. It shows not only religious programs but newscasts as well. It also provides livestream features. It is also expected they will have the resources to expand to DTT.

Bee TV

Bee TV 7 is a local television station owned by the Northern Mindanao Broadcasting System, formerly affiliated with GMA Network and People’s Television Network. It has since become an independent television station. With social media presence, we also expect this station to have enough resources to expand to DTT though it is still a fledgling station.

Brigada News TV

Brigada News TV is the teleradyo counterpart of the General Santos-based multimedia broadcasters. With its FM news stations spread across the country and with it being a strong local player, it is expected Brigada will have the resources to expand to DTT.

Davao Christian Bible Channel

Davao Christian Bible Channel is a small religious channel based in Davao City, but it should not be a reason for it not to have the resources necessary to shift.


GBPI (Golden Broadcast Professionals) operates Channel 11 which is affiliated with TV5, with some local programs such as daily newscast Dateline Zamboanga. It is expected that GBPI will have the resources to expand to DTT.


eMedia is a local news channel in Zamboanga, operating on channel 37. With this, we also expect the station to expand in DTT.

Ranao TV 13

I recently discovered that there was a local TV station broadcasting in Marawi City branded as Ranao TV 13. It broadcasts on channel 13 and produces TV programs simulcast on an AM and FM affiliate. If it weren’t for the Marawi crisis I wouldn’t have discovered the station’s existence, I wish I would have learned earlier so I would have been able to include the station on my piece. Regardless, I do hope the station will have the resources to shift to digital TV, most especially the recovery and rehabilitation efforts to be undertaken once the Marawi crisis is over. 


The above stations mentioned are the most prominent examples. There may be those not mentioned but we have to consider the very limited information we have. Given the dominance of national networks, we have to consider these local broadcasters as well as they provide service to their respective localities and cater to their respective regional tastes. These stations reflect the diversity of our nation and they as well deserve a chance to be on par with the national networks especially that in a few years’ time we will bid analog TV goodbye and we’re facilitating a shift to digital TV.


4 thoughts on “Regional television in the Phillippines

  1. Then, inactive sa amin ang PBN TV6 Legazpi (in my opinion, financial problem ang reason) so the station in Legazpi focuses to DZGB and 97.1 OK FM Legazpi


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