TV Patrol: 30 years on and the need for ABS-CBN News to shift to high definition

30 years ago, a new news program premiered on Philippine television which forever changed the way news was delivered, witnessing important events shaping the history of our country, changes in technology, and being the primary source of information for Filipinos. 

TV Patrol was conceived as a counterpart to ABS-CBN’s Radyo Patrol, and was intended to be a groundbreaking tabloid newscast, reporting the news in a language understood by the masses, informal Tagalog that is, and following the 1986 People Power Revolution, it was intended to provide Filipinos with information after 14 years of censored news. 

Throughout the 30 years, it witnessed many important events (the coup attempts of the 1980s, Luzon earthquake, Pinatubo eruption, execution of Flor Contemplacion, Pope John Paul II’s visit, EDSA Dos, Hello Garci, Ondoy, Cory Aquino’s passing, Yolanda, and others), a change in anchors (the late Frankie Evangelista, Mel Tiangco who transferred to GMA, Noli de Castro who entered politics but since returned, Korina Sanchez, Henry Omaga-Diaz, others), changes in the broadcast industry, and the launch of regional spinoffs from Laoag to Zamboanga.

To celebrate its anniversary, it presented a multipoint newscast with Bernadette Sembrano in the Quezon City studios, Ted Failon in Tacloban, and Noli de Castro in Zamboanga. However, it is worth noting the newscast is still in high definition, along with its over live programs Umagang Kay Ganda, Bandila, and Salamat Dok.

This would have been the perfect kickoff for the celebration, but we won’t be able to see that just yet, as ABS-CBN News needs to upgrade all its cameras, editing facilities, OB vans, and control rooms in high-definition. Morever, despite last year’s launch of ANC HD, some of the programming are still in standard definition, only recently most of ABS-CBN News current affairs programs seen on Channel 2 save for Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan shifted to HD, and the regional facilities still not at par with Manila.

With those aforementioned, it will be a long way to go for ABS-CBN News to fully adapt, anyways we still congratulate TV Patrol for being on air for 30 years and wish them more success.


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