Light Network makes the shift to digital

(Photo credit: Light Network’s official FB page)

In a historic first and coming from an unexpected player, Jesus is Lord Church-owned Zoe Broadcasting’s Light Network will join the rest of the Manila-based television stations to make the shift from analog to digital broadcasting, and will be the first to cease analog broadcasts for good. It will still use channel 33 (587.143 mhz), which is being used by their analog broadcasts. 

Light Network is Zoe Broadcasting’s second TV channel and holds the franchise to Channel 11 which is being operated by GMA Network’s GMA News TV.

Light Network’s programming consists of JIL-produced programs as well as programming from other evangelical Christian sects (Good TV of Taiwan, CBN Asia, TBN), as well as films and newscasts.

We should expect Light Network’s digital signals to be received clearly in Metro Manila as their transmitters are located in Antipolo, Rizal.

This will be a truly historic moment as the DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) has released its transition plan in a summit held last Feb. 14-15, and a majority of broadcast networks conducting test broadcasts, with analog broadcasts ceasing by 2023.

Economic factors, government regulation, and investments by broadcasters will be huge factors in realizing this transition.


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