Ideas for routes to Latin America

We would like to pitch some ideas on how to operate flights from the Philippines to Latin America, as non-stop flights are still impossible even for jumbo airliners like the Airbus A330, Boeing 777, Airbus A340, Airbus A350, and perhaps Airbus A380 (correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Manila to Sao Paolo via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Rio de Janeiro via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Mexico City (non-stop)
  • Manila to Montevideo via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Buenos Aires via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Santiago via Auckland
  • Manila to San Juan via Mexico City
  • Manila to Quito via Auckland
  • Manila to Lima via Auckland
  • Manila to Asuncion via Auckland
  • Manila to Cocachamba via Johannesburg
  • Manila to La Paz via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Santa Cruz-Viru Viru via Johannesburg
  • Manila to Bogota via Mexico City
  • Manila to Caracas via Mexico City
  • Manila to Panama City via Mexico City
  • Manila to Havana via Mexico City
  • Manila to Managua via Mexico City
  • Manila to San Salvador via Mexico City
  • Manila to San Jose via Mexico City
  • Manila to Tegucigalpa via Mexico City
  • Manila to Santo Domingo via Mexico City
  • Manila to Guatemala City via Mexico City

The above mentioned are for trans-Pacific routes. For a probably less costly and more profitable one, consider Madrid or Lisbon as possible stopovers.

These are for the flag carrier Philippine Airlines should the day come they would ever decide to expand to the region. At present they have a fleet of eight Boeing 777-300s which are primarily used to flights in the United States, Canada, and UK, and future expansion to Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris. They also have orders for six Airbus A350-500s which will most likely be deployed to these destinations.

At present Latin American carriers have limited presence in the Asian region (for example, Aeromexico has flights to Shanghai and Tokyo), but for expansion plans they might consider the Philippines as it is a cultural cousin.

Will this become feasible in the future? Share us your thoughts. 


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