New look, and stories in store

Before this year ends, I have decided to unveil a new look for the blog, which reflects the seriousness in our approach and to further attact readership. Coupled with that, we will improve our content.

For our domestic (Filipino) audience, here are posts you will expect from us for the coming days or perhaps next year:

  • GMA Network under Gozon and claims to be number one
  • The federal parliamentary system shift and our proposal for such a shift
  • ABS-CBN News programming in high-definition
  • The long-overdue part 2 of our Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa series (which supposed to tackle on how the Philippines should reform its language policy)
  • Internet connecitivity in the Philippines

We will try to avoid overtly discuss topics such as the war on drugs because of intense emotions on both sides of the political spectrum and the amount of political butthurt. 

As for international audiences, we will try at our best to discuss events of international importance to the best of our abilities.

From us here, thank you. 


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