Coup in Turkey: My Take (in 150 words)

(Photo credit: CNN)

Judging from what we see right now, it seems that the attempt to overthrow Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has failed.

In an observation of the developments, it appears that the coup was poorly planned, as evidenced by the short takeovers of state broadcaster TRT and the Turkish affiliate of CNN.

They also had a hard time dealing with the mass of people who heeded the call of the president to take to the streets in defiance of the orders of the so-called “Peace Council” to obey the curfew they have imposed.

To add to that, the opposition was not keen on supporting the said coup.

Erdogan may have succeeded in foiling the coup, but this will severely test him if he can further consolidate his power, amid concerns that he is becoming increasingly autocratic, and alienating most of the country’s erstwhile allies.

Let’s wait how things will unfold next.


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