You have witnessed a flurry of negative campaigning in the final homestretch of the campaign season before the elections which will take place this Monday. It has become so dirty that a certain candidate began unleashing a series of attacks, from alleged mutli-million bank accounts, ghost employees, properties, and now, a negative ad campaign using kids which all but one station has refused to air despite being offered P20 million pesos.

We all have questions lingering in our minds. How does he get these informations? How sure is he? Is he being backed by someone from behind? And how the hell was he able to persuade these kids (and parents, maybe) to do this ad? And how can you afford such a negative campaign ad yet we hardly see your own campaign ad and you are trailing behind the surveys? 

The candidate may have flaws which we are all aware of and he is quite open about it, but please, this is not the right way. You are being seen as desparate. Play fair and square, and not do some cheap publicity stunt as you have done twice during the past decade.

And for that certain network who solely aired the ads, shame on you. You are a disgrace to the media industry, and the Filipino people you supposed to serve. No wonder why you were forcibly shut during martial law.
(These are my personal opinions.)


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