Would you risk yourself to go crazy over someone who has rejected you already?

Just a random thought. Most of you guys have already experienced the feeling of being rejected by someone you loved so dearly, or something which was a product of a misunderstanding yet never gave you the chance to explain yourself. That hurts, though, but we just have to face cold-hard facts that it should end right there.

But, you can’t help thinking sometimes. What if, after years of keeping a distance, if one day you meet each other again, would that person change his or her attitude towards you? Or if he or she gave you the chance to explain everything, and explain that you only want to have peace with him or her, nothing else.

But if he or she is so stubborn, and you may have inflicted a wound too deep enough and it would be really hard to heal by itself, maybe you really should leave it alone. Maybe that person should never be given another chance to get into your space.

To forgive is to forget. We can forget but cannot forgive, or forgive, but cannot forget. Any of the two, we should leave that chapter alone and continue our journey, wherever they take us.


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