A new kid on the block

Okay, let’s get this rolling.

This is going to be the first time I will be running a serious blog after failed attempts over the years. And I’m too hesitant because I tend to be forgetful of things, I can’t get my priorities straight, I have a journal to write on, I have messy thoughts (thus making it difficult to put my thoughts into writing), and I don’t know what people would react to my posts. Also I’m more confident to say my thoughts orally, to anyone who cares enough to listen.

But I started it, so I have to prove it. Because this is going to be a good practice before I get into my chosen profession in the future. And people (more specifically my mom and my professor) are now telling me to write my ideas so everyone could read about them.

So, maybe, that’s already enough for me to start. So , for now, goodbye.


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